Groove Biopharma’s proprietary technology addresses several historical liabilities of nucleotide therapeutics by introducing a novel chemical modification that greatly improves potency in vitro and pharmacodynamic behavior in vivo. Modification of conventional miRNA antagonists with Groove Biopharma’s technology has been shown to greatly enhance potency in cell based assays. These observations have been reproduced with several miRNA targets in a variety of cell systems and using a variety of quantitative and functional readouts. In addition, the potency enhancement conferred by Groove Biopharma’s technology is also recapitulated in in vivo animal models.

Groove Biopharma’s intellectual property estate is highly developed and exclusively licensed. Groove Biopharma is developing technology to simultaneously target multiple components in signaling pathways associated with the pathogenesis and etiology of disease. Lead therapeutic programs aim to inhibit or augment microRNA targets through the use of oligonucleotide mimetics in several indications, including cancer, fibrosis, and infectious disease. Groove Biopharma has executed, and continues to execute, preclinical studies to verify that Groove Biopharma's proprietary technology can fundamentally improve the current approaches to the treatment of human disease.

The Groove Biopharma Partnering Opportunity

Groove’s business model focuses on utilizing its proprietary MirinaTM Discovery and Service Platform to identify and deliver microRNA’s for the development of its novel therapeutic candidates for oncology, infectious disease and fibrotic conditions.   

Our alliance strategy is focused on program- and indication-exclusive partnerships that develop Groove’s product candidates for commercialization, and for partnerships where a corporate partner seeks to deliver their proprietary microRNA’s utilizing Groove’s MGB based delivery systems.  Strategic alliances can further be structured on the basis of collaboration roles, territory, and financial risk sharing.